Back muscle connected to the butt muscle

For a long time it's been said that the body is connected. There is even a song about it, but do you really understand the connection of the body. You see we typically work the body in either disconnected muscle groups or single them out. Monday chest day. You have leg day. Back and bicep day. Leg day number two. For beginners there is the simple upper lower body split. What if I told you that your body isn't connected in any of the ways previously mentioned, not really. What

Myofascial connection

We are all training to reach a goal, whether it be endurance, strength, muscle mass or tone. We usually try to accomplish this goal by joining a simple bootcamp, the overhype cross fit gym, or sign up for a cheap gym membership because that is what everyone else does right? But, no matter how we go about it reaching our goal, we typically end up with some type injury. You are literally one lift away from a serious injury. Why? Because we have been taught that the way to get s