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Myofascial connection

We are all training to reach a goal, whether it be endurance, strength, muscle mass or tone. We usually try to accomplish this goal by joining a simple bootcamp, the overhype cross fit gym, or sign up for a cheap gym membership because that is what everyone else does right? But, no matter how we go about it reaching our goal, we typically end up with some type injury.

You are literally one lift away from a serious injury. Why? Because we have been taught that the way to get stronger and leaner is by training our muscles to resist heavy weight and gravity. For example, loading the muscle down and pushing against the weight in a simple heavy bar squat, will almost always lead to lower back pain because our everyday movements do not traditionally work in this fashion.

The reason is our bodies muscle lines or "fascia" are meant to move much more efficiently. Recent studies have shown us a safer and more effective pattern of movement that will not only lead to less injury, but lead to better overall results. By training our muscles along the lines of movement in the body, we gain efficiency and effectiveness. Let me break it down.

There are 12 lines of fascia in the body that dictate all the bodies major functions of movement. Like walking, bending over, twisting, reaching. If we start loading these lines in opposite directions (think left arm swinging up while right leg moves backward or doing a bent over row with your left arm, while your right leg is kicked back) your activating three major fascial lines. The left arm and back are connected to the stabilizing core which is connected to the right glute and hamstring.

If we follow these lines, instead of just loading bearing or muscles in a bicep curl, we could experience greater overall results. This is not a simple thing to do, and I want to show you exactly how to adopt this type of training into your everyday life. Follow me on SM.... to learn more about how we can help you train smarter and experience less injury.


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