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Back muscle connected to the butt muscle

For a long time it's been said that the body is connected. There is even a song about it, but do you really understand the connection of the body. You see we typically work the body in either disconnected muscle groups or single them out. Monday chest day. You have leg day. Back and bicep day. Leg day number two. For beginners there is the simple upper lower body split. What if I told you that your body isn't connected in any of the ways previously mentioned, not really. What if I told you that your glutes are connected to your back and your chest was connected to your core and inner thighs. You'd probably say I'm crazy because nobody works out those muscle groups together. In fact that is how the muscles are connected, through fascial lines. Now what are fascial lines. These are the lines that connect the whole body. Fascia is a web that your body is not only encased in but it also connects the entire body thru specific lines that allow us to use muscles in concert to maintain posture, control body position, and for producing smooth and coordinated movement.


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