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Better Body By R.A.W pt 4

Here we go, on to part 4. Only 1 more set after this, and you will have your blue print of how to efficiently build your body with limited time, equipment, and zero injuries. We're going back to our house analogy. We have already discussed our foundation (pt1), frame (pt2), walls and roof (pt3).

Now it's time to get excited about the rooms in your house. In part 4, the focus is going to be on all the front facing muscles that are flaunted all over social media as a sign that you are actually "fit". In many cases, these muscle groups are over used and cause many problems in the body. I encourage my clients to avoid the temptation to want to over work their front facing muscles. Those are my only two caveats with part 4. Therefore, we are going to hone in on the front lines since they are comprised of mostly the same overworked muscles.

First, let's go with the deep front line. This is an extension of your core muscles that go all the way from your feet to your head. You have to learn to activate all the appropriate muscles in this line. To do this, press your big and second toes into the ground. When you do, you should feel your inner thighs tighten. Next, tighten your obliques and transverse abdominal muscle. Now that you have your entire core at the ready, all that must be done is load one side. My preferred way is a cable, but you can use a kettle-bell or dumbbell as well. So a pall-of-press or just holding a dumbbell or kettle-bell in the front rack position will do it. However, the pall-of-press would be more effective.

The superficial front line and functional front line require a lot less to work functionally. The superficial line also runs from your feet to your head but is more commonly engaged, since it is comprised of your quads and ab's. A simple bicycle squat effectively works it, and if you want to get fancy, go into an overhead press. The functional front is your ab's and pectorals, with a little bit of abductor. A simple split stance cable fly is a very effective in working these muscle groups.

Let me reiterate that due to our society's obsession with 'looking hot' these muscles are often overactive and should be subject to self-myofascial release regularly and exercised cautiously until your body is completely balanced.

We're almost done with our better body series, so until next time keep it RAW

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