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Better Body By RAW

It's been a CRAZY year! From Lock downs, School shut downs, Gym closings, Movie theaters closing, it seems like 2020 was trying to just cancel everything. Now that we are in the last week of the year it's time to look forward.

I have had many conversations about how hard it's been to stay active during this time and the dreaded Covid 15. Change isn't always a bad thing, in times of change we learn, adapt, and grow. In this time of change I've had to adapt my training method for building a better body in less than ideal circumstances. Here's one way I've rethought my training methods to maintain efficiency without losing results.

Let's start with the foundation of the body, your glutes and core. You need these muscles to work for almost every task you do. Sitting up straight at your desk, walking while grocery shopping, bending to do laundry, almost every movement requires your glutes and core to make happen. Think of these muscles as the foundation of a house, when the foundation isn't strong the entire house is unstable. When your glutes and core aren't strong you are at risk of developing very common problems like lower cross syndrome, upper cross syndrome, lower back pain, different knee problems, etc.

So a few simple exercises you can do to build a strong foundation going into next year.

  1. Practice Posterior Pelvic Tilts ( Tuck your tailbone)- When you tuck your tailbone your belly button will draw in and you will feel your "lower" abdominal muscles turn on. Tuck your tail bone and hold it for a minute as many times a day as you want

  2. Plank with a posterior pelvic tilt- As said before the pelvic tilt will help activate the abdominal muscles we most often don't use, then plank. Hold it as long as you can with good form

  3. Supermans w/ posterior pelvic tilt- Make sure when doing this exercise you are holding that tilt while lifting your legs. It will effect the range of motion for your Superman, but we aren't doing it to see how high your legs can get. For the most part your lower back should be flat.

  4. Glute Bridges w/ posterior pelvic tilt- Just like the Superman the pelvic tilt will effect your range of motion, but the goal is to work the core and glutes together not just push our hips up and down.

These are simple foundational exercises so don't worry about over doing them, do them as often as you can, with as many reps with good form as you can. Next time I will be explaining the frame muscle of our body. Until the keep it RAW

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