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Better Body By RAW pt 5

Back with the last in our better body series. (I apologize for the delay. I'm in Texas and well lots has been going on to keep me distracted from finishing.)

Finishing off our house with the accents, or the kitchen and bathrooms of our home, the arms. Arms grab peoples attention, especially when it's warm outside. Now while arms play a very important role in running, helping pump blood thru the body, pulling, and pushing, working the arm lines will work previous muscles that have already worked in other lines.

But, that is the beauty of the body. Its very intricately inter-connected. As always I have to inform you that the function of these lines are more postural in purpose than aesthetics. Lots of arm, elbow, hand, neck trouble can be linked to the arm lines. So, we are going to work the deep front arm line which connects the pec minor and bicep together, the deep back arm line that connect the triceps, rhomboids, and rotator cuff.

To work the deep back arm line, the easiest exercise is a reverse fly, I would advise you use a band and not dumbbells. A band activates the triceps better I find, but if you only have dumbbells try rotating the dumbbells at the end range of the exercise. The deep front arm line is a little more tricky you need to activate the pecs and biceps. So you need a squeeze and a curl. For this, the easiest way I've found is with a band and kettle bell. Now having the band pulling the kettlebell down is good, I prefer having the band pulling perpendicular to your body so that you have to use your back line muscles to resist it. Well that's the end now you have an idea of how to efficiently and safely build your body. Until next time keep it RAW

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