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Well now that Thanksgiving is over and we have stuff our stomachs full of food, it seems like the perfect time to talk abdominals. We are entering the Thanksgiving- Christmas season in which the typical american gains about a pound. I know you were expecting the typical 5-10 pounds that you normally here, but its only 1. However with our inactive lifestyle often you don't lose the holiday weight. When you add stress and inconsistent exercise during the holiday season, which in America is October-January and then you see where you get the 5-10 pounds. Then once we get to the New Year after gaining which would be better described as winter weight, they go to the gym wanting summer abdominals. Well lets try to save you from that cycle by simply not making a 6 pack a fitness goal. As I tell all my clients we all have a Rectus Abdominis, if you didn't your body wouldn't work simply put. Then well it becomes "I want to be able to see them". Well it has been well documented seeing your abs have more to do with diet than crunches. With all that said I propose that the goal not simply be to have a visible 6 pack but a strong core. No, a visible 6 pack doesn't mean your core is strong for example body builders who have the most visible abdominals usually don't have much core strength at all. Also you have to remember your Rectus Abdominis isn't to totality of your core muscles. You have the Transverse Abdominis, Multifidus, Internal and External Obliques, Erector Spinae, and your Pelvic Floor muscles that make up the rest of your core. With that said watch the video below for two body weight exercises that if you can master I Guarantee will give you that stronger core among other muscles, because as the RAW Philosophy goes stronger body not stronger muscles. Until next time keep it RAW

Watch this video!

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