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(Dys) Functional Fitness

Let's see CrossFit, BootCamp, F45, Gold's Gym, Fitness Apps, Social media fitness influencers all talk about functional fitness, training, or exercise. The most agreed upon definition of functional training is a classification of training that prepares the body for real life movement and activities. Such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting. I'm just going to put this plainly, that is not Functional. In fact CrossFit, BootCamp, F45, Gold's Gym ideas of functional fitness creates dysfunction.

I know this is a huge claim, but let's look at this logically. Functional as defined by the dictionary and as closely as can pertain to the human body is: Designed or Developed chiefly from a point of view of use. Yes, we do use the body to squat, reach, pull, and lift. However, the design aspect is missing. In their functional fitness the exercises, do not take into account the design of the body and how the muscles for squatting, pulling, lifting are connected.

Imagine taking a Volkswagen beetle off-roading. It's a very good dependable car, but it is not meant for off roading and it will break. Same with the body. Although you can squat, it's design would indicate that's not the most functional way to train your glutes and hamstrings.

A functional way would be with a glute ham developer because it works the entire superficial back line which connects your feet to your head, followed up with a glute bridge & row. To functionally work your glutes you have to work your back since they are connected.

In order to have true functional fitness you must understand the design of the body. Not just how it can be used and what muscles cause the movement. Looking at functional fitness that way only leads to dysfunction.

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