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Health is Wealth

It's been a long 2 years dealing with a pandemic, and the health of America has gone from bad to worse. We have an obesity crisis, mental health crisis, loneliness crisis, etc. We are in a bad place right now and the thing that will help guide us out is simple. Did you know that exercise helps with obesity obviously, mental health, and loneliness. I can't make this up the solution is staring us right in the face.

I am not going to start by talking about the clear benefits for lowering obesity. Let's start with mental health, mental health has to do with psychological and emotional well-being. Loneliness has increased 65% since the beginning of the pandemic, the hardest hit group are young adults. Now you might think exercise doesn't help with loneliness, you go in out on your headphones and lift. However things like group exercises or boot camps are excellent for exercising in community. As young adults are the hardest hit population, group fitness has the added benefit of being inexpensive.

Depression also went up during the pandemic, from 8.5% to 32.8%. Now there are a few theories about what causes depression, however the evidence that shows low endorphins are linked to depression is concrete. Exercise has been proven to increase the production of endorphins, however different exercises release different endorphins. There are twenty different types of endorphins all of which do the same job of making you happy. So what exercise releases what kind of endorphins,can't answer that question. What has been proven is the more intense the workout, the higher levels of endorphins found in the system.

As I said before I won't discuss obesity all though during the pandemic 40% of Americans gained weight. That added with the 38% of men and 41% of women who are already obese and well the health epidemic has only gotten worse since covid. Which only makes dedication to to a healthy lifestyle more important. Until next time keep it RAW

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