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Hips don’t LIE!!!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

No I will not be addressing the Super Bowl half time show, that people seem to love, hate, or love to hate. I will be addressing your pelvis and how it effects your glutes. First we will go with the most common pelvic problem, Anterior pelvic tilt. If you think of your hips as a cup, Anterior pelvic tilt would be tilting the cup forward so the liquid spills out the front. How does this effect your glutes? I know you have seen someone in the gym doing glute kick backs getting their leg as far back as possible. That’s how it affects your body, it causes your body to hyperextended in order to get your glutes to fire. When you keep your hips neutral as you always shoul you can get your foot a few inches behind your heel. That’s normal range of motion for hip extension, that’s what you are training with kickbacks.

Next and a little less seen is your hips shifted forward or sway back. Sway back is when your hamstrings are too tight and your glutes are weak, this causes a posterior pelvic tilt. If you think about the cup it’s tilting the cup back so the water comes out. This is less common because it has to do more with muscle imbalances than bad mechanics. When training the glutes watch the hips, they will tell you if your really working how you should be.

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