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I Am an Athlete

There are many different reasons people exercise weight loss, building muscle, health, etc. All these reasons are good and valid because we are made to move being sedentary is bad for the body and health. That being said it's time to understand something about every human on the planet, we are all athletes. I get it you aren't in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, or any other professional athletic organization. How every being a professional athlete or highly athletic isn't what makes you an athlete. I know the definition is some one proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise but its a bad definition. How good you are isn't what makes an athlete an athlete, it might distinguish levels of athleticism but its not what makes an athlete. Being an athlete is strictly about ability, not effciency of your ability.

What do Athletes do they run, jump, throw, kick, hit, catch, cut, etc. These are all things that we all do. We don't do them as well as the professionals but we do them. Therefore if we can move and do things as athletes do then we need to exercise as athletes train. You say you do train like an athlete squats, dead lifts, bench press, etc but strength exercises are only a small part to an athletes training. Most of an athletes training regiment are sports specific movement based, and I know you may not play sport but your training can still be athletic based. You can train to be a better runner, jogger, walker based on how your body moves. That's not just lunges, squats, dead lifts etc. It's working the posterior and anterior oblique slings and the functional lines. These would be the bare minimum myofascial lines for athletes. Remember you are an athlete, so train like an athlete. Until next time keep it RAW

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