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Injury by exercise (Boot Camp)

Boot camp is thriving in Austin. It's got community, energy, and keeps you motivated. My first training job was as an outdoor bootcamp coach. Yes I had people doing all the running, lunging, push ups, variations of squats, and jumps that you would expect to find in an bootcamp. However just as my previous blog I'm looking at bootcamp thru a injury probability perspective. Now the data isn't as easy to find in bootcamp injuries as CrossFit. However a study showed that 28% of army recruits are injuried while doing bootcamp. These are teens to twenty's. You are probably thinking military bootcamp is more intense, when you look at the exercise and duration the intensity is about the same. Most common injuries in bootcamps also aren't too dissimilar to CrossFit. Shoulder, lower back, and various stress fractures are the leading bootcamp injuries. I'm not saying it can't be effective, I'm asking is a 28% risk of injury really the best way to get in shape?



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