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Injury by exercise (Cross Fit)

What makes RAW Fitness different is the way we go about our lifts. As we go about the fitness journey injury of some kind is almost guaranteed. At RAW we follow specific principles to help minimize injury. Let look at Cross Fit and potential injury risk. Let me preface by saying I’m not against CrossFit, it’s fun and enjoyable. However when looked at from an injury risk perspective studies have shown that it’s statistically more dangerous than regular weight lifting. Out of 132 crossfitters surveyed 73.5% had an Crossfit related injury. The most common CrossFit related injuries are Shoulder (25%), followed by lower back (14%), followed by knee (13%). Same study shows that for every 1000 hours of CrossFit you are looking at getting 3 injuries. That’s 1 CrossFit related injury a year. It is thought that the injuries are due to the intensity of CrossFit. Basically no matter how good your form is because of the intense methodology it’s only a matter of time before you get hurt.


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