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R.A.W is Real

Raw fitness does many of the same things that other fitness entities will do. I put my exercise philosophy into blogs to be read. I post on social media. I do demonstrations of exercises. I don't do shirtless stuff, don't think I ever will because the idea behind raw isn't look like me. The idea is appreciating your body for what it is and improving it to be the best version of its self. With Raw I like to keep it real, no ideal image just away to get results effectively and safely. You won't see all that other stuff because its not real. I know what do I mean its not real the results are on video its clearly real, right? Yes but what you may not think about when looking at those results, and attach them strictly to the demonstrated exercises are body type, diet, and time.

What do I mean by body type? Well have you ever looked at someone a just think they are so slim or seen some one and thought they a big boned? Well you are noticing their potential body type. There are 3 typical body types, you have the ectomorph or the long lean people. Ectomorphs typically have little fat and little muscle, also they have trouble gaining fat or muscle. Next you have Mesomorphs, those are people who can both lose and gain weight easily. They also can typically eat what they want without much real worry. Mesomorphs are also usually those with an athletic build. Your last type is Endomorphs, they usually gain muscle and fat easily. So your endomorphs are usually line-men or curvier women. When looking at people who you want to look like know if yall have the same body type. If you don't you aren't necessarily setting yourself up for failure, but certainly not helping yourself in being successful.

I don't like to talk about diet because diet first is a loaded term. People think different things when they hear the word diet. For our purposes I'm defining diet simply as the way you eat. Do you eat lots of processed food, vegetables, do you not eat, etc? When looking at said person who you are trying to shape your body after, you have to know how they eat. Chances are you don't because they only talk movement and not diet. How you eat is directly linked to the results you get in the gym. Most are eating 5 times a day paying close attention to their macronutrients( Protein, Carbs, Fats). Most meal plans in the bulking phase or muscle building phase call for 20-30 grams of protein per meal. Then you get to the cutting phase where you eat less protein because they are trying to shed excess fat, so they can have that perfect instagram ready physique.

Now we reach our last point, time. I don't know about you but I have a career and a family. So my time is pretty limited with all my other commitments. I don't have time for morning cardio and another 2 hour workout session. Most people are doing good if they eat right, move, and get to the gym 3 times in a week. That's a great week in most cases. However social media influencer's are getting paid to look good. So realistically unless you are willing to make massive sacrifices, which if you are more power to you, the goal isn't attainable. I say that not to make you give up on your goal. If your goal is to look like a body builder, fitness model, instagram influencer then i applaud you. If your goal is to simply be strong, healthy, and functional then allow me to help you keep it RAW

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