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New year, New you. It’s 2020 time for people to flock the nearest gym, CrossFit facility, boot camp, and instagram looking for a way to accomplish their 2020 body goals. Before you do lets look at things objectively. Studies show 39% of Americans have health related goals, and it shows 50% of fail at them. Side note 88% of resolutions fail statistically. Now you are probably thinking this is a stick to your New Years resolutions blog but No!!

Instead of a crowded gym, boot camp, crossfit. High energy, high injury. Let’s kick up the intensity until you feel like passing out or throwing up approach to fitness. RAW purposes a slower, lower impact method to fitness that is just as effective and safer. It’s more sustainable with no need to lift heavy weights to build muscle. Workouts that are created around strengthening the body as it’s designed. That can be done with minimal equipment, that will change how you view your body and fitness

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