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SBL- Superficial Back Line

Superficial back line is the line of connective tissue that is responsible for keeping the body upright. A lot of time when you see people with rounded shoulders and forward head it's because this line has gotten stretched out for lack of a simpler term. Quite often the source of lower back pain is found somewhere on the superficial back line or sbl. Now when something becomes stretched out or weak we have to strengthen it to return balance to the body. Most gym savvy people are probably thinking deadlifts are the exercise to strengthen this line, but no because at the top of a deadlift we aren't loading the correct muscles. However a glute ham raise with a band does load all the proper muscles. You must be sure to tuck your tail bone so you don't compress the lower back which means you aren't activating your core. The next slight modification is bent knees to make sure your calves are working and the viola a SBL exercise. Give it a try, check the Instagram link to see it performed then leave a comment!!!



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