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Set Backs Happen

No matter how good your form is the body isn’t made perfect. I mean that in a structure sense. One eye higher, a leg longer, an arm longer no body is perfectly symmetrical. We must accept as silly as this may sound that we are human, we can always become better but in that pursuit to be better we will have major setbacks. I was born with slightly clubbed feet, means my feet curve in. The doctors at the time didn’t see a need to fix it because I would slow down around 30 so no risk of injury. Well at 31 I experienced my first set back tore my right Achilles. Yesterday I experienced my second set back tore my left Achilles. Something else that needs to be said sometimes your setback isn’t your fault. No matter how careful you are an accident is just that an accident. Although after my first tear I was cautious as I could possibly be about not tearing my left Achilles it still tore. All the precautions in the world don’t straighten my feet, the curve simply puts too much stress. So unless I gave up what I loved doing this was going to happen.

The question becomes when you do everything right but still get hurt what do you do. I tell people nothing worth having is going to be easy. If you expected your fitness journey to be easy, I hope for your sake you have learned that isn’t the case. It’s a hard road full of twist, turns, setbacks, and pitfalls. Our journey is a physical manifestation of life’s struggle or the struggle. However it isn’t a struggle with responsibility, it’s the struggle to be a better person. The struggle is waking up every morning surrendering to being a better person. Putting in the work when it seems pointless. Not quitting when you hit that setback that makes you question everything you are doing. Today right now knowing that from birth I was set up to tear my Achilles, I choose to let this make me better. I choose to learn the most I can from this situation and become wiser once I’ve completed the rehab process. Set backs are inevitable life or exercise set backs they will com. The only question is will you allow it to defeat you or make you better?

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