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The Wait

It was the night before my surgery and all I could think about was the 6 weeks I will be in a cast. If you have ever been limited by any injury or chronic pain you understand how demoralizing it can feel. There are always two options: it beats you or you beat it. I'm going to go over my process to beat the mental blockade when facing temporary disability. First, is to understand the extent of your disability. In my case it's a lower leg injury, so no “leg day” for a while. It's not about focusing on what you can't do but focusing more on what you can do. I am choosing to be more mindful of what I am able to control during this time of limited activity. Getting into a routine, the gym won't be an option so at home workouts. Not longer then 20 minutes, focusing on time under tension and correct activation. Try to do that 3 times a day, so for most people after work would be easiest. It's not as hard as you would think just need bands, a pull up bar, and bodyweight. I'll be doing some video to help with ideas. It really just comes down to food, focus, determination and frequent home exercise when you can't get to the gym. Stay strong, don't let the temporary disability get you down, and keep pushing to be a better you.

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