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Time to UpGrade

I was at the gym today working around my injury and I took more rest time than normal which gave me time to observe what kind of exercises people do. I saw deadlifts, bench press, leg press, and squats. Over in the “functional workout” area i saw some people doing push and crunches and I thought to myself how old are these exercises. Did you know that’s Deadlifts are from the Sixth century BC, I’m not a mathematician but that makes them around 2000 years old. Squats, push-ups, and bench press are from the 1900s. Leg press wasn’t made until 1973 so only 47 years ago not bad. Well you say that’s because they are great exercises for growing muscle. While you are right each of these great for building a particular muscle group, they don’t take into account how the body works as a whole. Before I get there lets say you are following the newest exercise trend's. HIIT, CrossFit, Bootcamp, or Functional Fitness. When you look at the exercises that makeup these methodologies they are anywhere from 100s to 20 years old. Think of it this way would you want a 20 year old car? How about a 20 year old cellphone or computer? Chances are you don't. Exercise reflects our understanding of the musculoskeletal system. What it's telling you is that our current understanding needs an update. Unless you believe that we have perfected exercise as far as humanly possible. Then we need to push past our old understanding of how muscles work in light of finding a new one. It's time for an up update and Raw wants to help you.

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