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Unseen Dangers

Sorry I'm late, it's been an eye opening week. My mom recently found out that she was getting over exposed to EMF radiation because she was spending all day working next to her wifi router. Essentially, the wifi signal was making her so sick that she was experiencing a lot of pain throughout her entire body. (stay tuned to see what we did for my mom)

Therefore, I'm taking a break from Better Body by Raw to discuss a potential threat that we all live with everyday, Electro-Magnetic Field radiation or EMF for short. There is lots of controversy surrounding this topic. Most experts say it is in no way, shape, or form, harmful or dangerous to people.

The question I pose is, is that the whole truth? The expert consensus online is yes, at first glance. However, here is the caveat - there needs to be more research done or there isn't enough research done to determine if their findings are entirely true. The World Health Organization and CDC both "conclude" it is safe, but more research has to be done in order to know conclusively that "NO" is in fact the correct response.

Think of it from this perspective, in the 1960's we ate more bread, sweets, and meat. That was considered a healthy diet with little emphasis on fruits or vegetables. That was before real food studies on food and disease came out. After adequate research was done, they shifted the idea of what healthy looked like.

This is the same space in which I find ourselves with EMF. While the health authorities are saying it's safe, there are some experts who believe the opposite is more accurate. Overall the greater scientific community is saying there is a bunch of fuss about nothing. With the lack of research, it would be best to look at EMF as a credible and potential health risk and know how it effects people.

Emf exposure has a large array of effects on people. The most relative and well documented cases are linked to cancer in kids and adults. With increased and prolonged cellphone and or smart device usage, the exposure to EMF increases as does the harmful effects. That's not taking into consideration that 5g cellphones are even more powerful and produce a greater EMF radius than it's predecessors.

Other possible effects include headache, insomnia, depression, lack of concentration, dizziness, etc. I write this not to say that it's a definite danger, but to say that it's a potential health risk that requires adequate research. I will be leaving some links so you can read more if you choose, and I'll be back to Better Body by RAW Step 4 next week. SO, until then, keep it RAW!! By the way: I suggested mom turn off the wifi at night and stop working next to the router. Needless to say, she feels a lot better!

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