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Walk like a DUCK.....

Duck feet or out-toeing is when while standing or walking your toes point out. This is something that you would think is no big deal but in fact it’s a huge deal. Think of it this way if your car tires angled out would you drive it or fix it? I’m betting you would fix it because you know the car won’t work well like that, same with your feet and body. Your glutes work best when your feet are pointed straight going from heel to toe as you walk.

This also applies to exercise when you squat or deadlift your glutes work best when your feet are straight. When they point out you shut your glutes off and use external rotators to lift or if you are walking you shift your hips forward to move. After that we have to look at how duck feet effect your body from the ankle up. First it weakens the arch which leads to plantar fasciitis, also it weakens the ankle ligaments therefore making you more prone to ankle injuries. Moving up to the knee besides putting the knee under an immense amount of tension, that could lead to knee pain as the best case scenario. Duck feet put your Mcl and meniscus at risk of tearing when you squat, deadlift, or lunge. Moving up to your hip and back. As I previously stated it turns your glutes of when you point your feet out. Then the muscle that kicks in is your Piriformis. It’s a small muscle and when it becomes over worked you experience sciatic nerve pain, because the Piriformis sits on top of the sciatic nerve. If your do walk or exercise with duck feet there are lots of techniques that can be used to help fix it. Don’t continue like that thinking it’s no big deal. Just like you wouldn’t drive the car until you fixed the tire issue. #raw512 #duckfeet

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