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Workouts that Work (Integrated LFS)

I've talked a lot about the body, how its designed, how we should move, and exercises that aren't the best for us. Well I'm still going to do that because in order to combat normative bad behavior you must be intentional about pointing it out. Also you must give an alternative, and one of those alternatives is the Integrated LFS. If you have read a few of my blogs you should be familar with the myofascial meridians or the lines that connect muscles together in the body. In this exercise we are targeting the lateral line, functional front/back lines, and the oblique slings. That is a whole lot of muscles from your calf to your chest. No, this exercise won't make you as big as you would get if you were to work all theses muscles in isolation. However the point of Raw is to stop working muscles in isolation but in design. We have plenty of data that show how lifestyle plus isolation exercise equal dysfunction or injuries. The integrated LFS is an exercise that will not only make you stronger but expose weaknesses so they can be fixed before they become injuries. It will also help your body work properly as a unit as it was designed too for thing like walking or running. Now this isn't to say you can never do isolation exercises or normal lifts, i still bench and deadlift rarely. I still do them simply because I like too, they are like sweet exercise treats every so often. Most of my exercise focuses on design because ive realized that its what i need for a better functioning and strong body. In the end strength and better function is what we are working out for. Until next time keep it RAW

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